Mother needs help for sick son

A FRIENDLY neighbourhood car guard, who can be seen offering warm smiles and assistance to all who enter and exit the Mills Spar parking lot, is in dire need of medical assistance as her son is unable to work.

Dawn Botha of Oribi, said her son Alex was diagnosed with a sickness 14 years ago which doctors are still baffled about and have not established what the cause of it is.

The ailment brings with it many problems such as seizures, loss of energy and focus, extreme abdominal pains along with ulcers and hernias, and a throat problem.

Alex had to have a synthetic throat installed during an operation, among other challenges.

“Since then he has been unable to work, which has caused a massive financial strain on our household especially since my husband passed away,” said Dawn.

She said said that Alex has seen various doctors at Greys Hospital in Cascades and has been put on various medication, including morphine, for the pain he experiences everyday, which has prevented him from being able to work.

“The financial burdern has fallen on me since my husband died and my son can’t work, which he feels terrible for because he wants to take care of me but can’t,” said Botha.

She said Alex often cries because he feels he is the cause of their predicament.

Test after test with no solid solution and results has left Botha and her son at a loss and feeling like nothing is going to change in their lives, but Botha also remains positive in the hopes of receiving proper medical care for her son to get him back on his feet.

“We are hoping that with the help of a private doctor or specialist in the field that deals with Alex’s symptoms, we can receive some help for him. We receive a disability grant but that cannot cover private medical costs or even our day-to-day living needs,” said Botha.

Anyone with any knowledge of a specialist who would be willing to help can contact Botha on 082 060 6995.