Old age home receives donation

KWAZULU-NATAL Legislature speaker Lydia Johnson has urged people to respect and take care of the elderly.

Johnson was speaking at Emuseni Old Age home on Monday where they made a donation ahead of the women’s parliament that was held in Vulindlela. In total, 60 bed sheets, 60 towels, 23 sets of curtains and blinds and two urns were donated to the home.

Johnson said they decided to donate to the old age home because they wanted to show the elderly that they care. “It is our duty as government to come and check up on you and see how you are doing.

“We need to be in touch with our people all the time and not just sit in the offices,” she said.

She said that since the whole country and the world are celebrating the centenary of the late first black SA president Nelson Mandela, everyone must show care and love, especially to elderly people because Madiba loved the elderly.

“Old people need to be respected all the time. They have worked very hard in bringing us up.

“They did not just wake up and they were old. They were once young and they did great things for us. We need to support them and take care of them especially now because they have run out of energy because of their age. These people have wisdom. They have seen things that we have not seen yet.

“A place that does not know how to take care of elderly people is not blessed. We hope that this donation is going to go a long way and make a difference in your lives on a daily basis.”

She thanked the caregivers who work at the centre for their dedication and commitment that they have shown in helping the old people.