On the way to being the top toy collector

AFTER entering a mammoth total of 250 times, Deanne du Plessis finally saw her dream come true when she won the chance to participate in Nickelodeon’s Toy Sprint, presented by Toys R Us. She’s now in line to win the grand prize, a trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong where the winner will be allowed to go on a five minute shopping spree in Hong Kong’s biggest Toys R Us store.

“She just believed that this year was going to be her year to take part. She even made her own PowerPoint presentation of all the toys she wanted to get before she knew she won,” said Deanne’s mother Bernadette du Plessis.

Du Plessis said that when she finally got the call that her daughter was selected as one of the finalists she waited until her husband came home to tell Deanne.

“I jumped up and down and ran screaming through the house with excitement because my dream had come true,” said Deanne.

Deanne and her family travelled to the Gateway Shopping Theatre store a day before the competition where she browsed through the sections of Toys R Us to familiarise herself with the toys before the big day. It was at this store where she had one minute to grab as much toys as she could, to the value of R15 000.

“I shared some of my toys with my sister and my friends,” said Deanne.

“The crew and personnel of Nickelodeon and Toys R Us were so kind to us and Deanne was very grateful for this wonderful opportunity,” said du Plessis.

Deanne now needs the help of the public in order to win the trip to Hong Kong, with the winner selected based on public votes.

The public can vote by going to www.nickelodeonafrica.com and heading to the 2018 Toy Sprint section. Voters can vote multiple times and the contestant with the most votes wins the Hong Kong price.

The toy sprint episodes were also broadcasted on television, and when voters click on the photo of Deanne they will see a quick snippet of her toy sprint experience.