Open day at Thandanani Children’s Foundation

THANDANANI Children’s Foundation hosted their annual open day on Friday, inviting the public to morning snacks; an informative talk from Evashnee Naidu of the Black Sash and a presentation by Thandanani’s director, Duncan Andrew, on their recent achievements.

The foundation, which operates to improve the well-being of orphaned and vulnerable children and their families, does so through various projects such as their family strengthening project, health outreach programme and various other projects.

“We wanted to do this so that we can let the public know about who we are, what we do and how we use their money that they donate to us,” said Andrew, who has been the director of Thandanani for 15 years.

Andrew said that their goal was to be as transparent as possible to the public so that they can be seen as trustworthy.

“In the past year we have completed memory work with 165 families, facilitated life skills groups for 233 teens and support groups for 155 younger children and 137 caregivers,” stated Andrew.

Guests were welcomed by the Thandanani staff who socialised with them, and an array of prizes were on hand for those who were lucky enough to have their number called out in an entertaining raffle of which prizes were sponsored by Thandanani’s sponsors.

“We do a lot of good work in communities and villages and want to continue with this work as we reach 30 years next year,” said Andrew.