Pageant for all shapes and sizes

WITH beauty pageants over the years focusing mainly on body size and being highly influenced by pop culture, the University of KwaZulu-Natal Community Development Association (CDA) has initiated a pageant with a difference that focuses on young adults who are serious about making a positive change in less privileged communities.

“Over the years beauty pageants have focused on body size which has resulted in many girls who suffer from depression.

“What we now need is a beauty pageant that will promote confidence, friendship, communication and networking opportunities because that is what pageants are supposed to be about,” said Mpendulo Xulu, who is in charge of marketing the event.

The pageant, which seeks to target youth around the Pietermaritzburg university will include five activities involving casual wear and formal wear modelling, a talent show, public speaking and an interview.

“Through the pageant we aim to raise awareness of societal detriments and to redefine beauty as an internal rather than external quality,” said Xulu.

The winner will be the face of the CDA UKZN PMB and will be required to do interviews on behalf of the CDA.

Auditions take place on August 25 at the Old Main Building in room 18 and 20 at UKZN and the pageant takes place on September 1 at the Ron MacMillan Theatre.