Parent claims taxi driver assaulted her

AFTER reprimanding a taxi driver for parking in front of a driveway while waiting for her child to finish school, a Pietermaritzburg woman, who asked not to be named due to her safety, was allegedly physically and verbally abused outside Woodlands Primary School.

Speaking to the Maritzburg Fever, the woman said she was afraid for her and her family’s lives after receiving threats relating to the police charge she opened last week Tuesday.

In an interview with the Maritzburg Fever, the mother spoke about the ordeal that led to her being physically wounded.

“While I was taking his number plate down to report him, after he had sworn and threatened me, he ran and punched me from behind and hit my back and then my jaw,” said the aggrieved woman.

Thereafter, she said the neighbourhood watch arrived and tried to confront him but he jumped into his vehicle and sped off.

“When he sped off, he bumped one of the children slightly while he had a combi load full of children.”

The woman then proceeded to the Mountain Rise Police Station where she opened a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm against the man who is still unknown to her.

The next day she was approached by other taxi drivers who, she claims, asked that she drop the case.

“On Wednesday I was told by other taxi drivers to drop the charges and settle this outside of court. I refuse to abide with their demands. They must face the justice system for the wrong they do,” said the woman.

The woman went on to state that she did not have a problem with taxi drivers who are not unruly and do their jobs to the fullest, just as any other parent from the school, but stated firmly that those who refuse to abide by the rules must be punished.