Powering more adventures across South Africa

DID you know that most South Africans have never taken a “local is lekker” holiday? While countless international travellers venture out to discover the untouched gems of South Africa, locals tend to stick to more familiar routes and destinations, mainly to visit family and friends.

So what is keeping you from travelling off the beaten track? Perhaps you feel limited by the type of vehicle you drive. Perhaps you fear getting stranded in a one-horse town. Where is your sense of adventure?


• Big five to little five

• Nine diverse provinces

• 2500 km of pristine coasts

• 535 000 km of potential road trips

• 163 Battery Centres nationwide

With a battery specialist around just about every corner, battery failures should be the last thing keeping you from enriching life experiences in your own backyard.

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Now, go forth and conquer the great outdoors.