Protect your car with Dyna-Glaze

DYNA-GLAZE is an auto-detailing company with over 10 years’ experience in the motor industry, specialising in a wide range of care and protection products for your vehicle. At Dyna-Glaze we recognise that your vehicle is most likely the second biggest investment after your house.

For this reason, we are pedantic about your vehicle, placing emphasis on its care and customer satisfaction. Safety and comfort are of the utmost importance at Dyna-Glaze, with our innovative products we ensure that your vehicle is maintained at showroom condition.

These innovative products include:


The state-of-the-art foaming system that allows us to wash and remove any dirt, grime and road oils from the surface of your vehicle without having to use the conventional way of washing a vehicle. Thus, preventing any fine scratches from sponges, cloths or dirty water.


This ground-breaking product ensures an efficient way of waxing your vehicle without having to utilize the conventional way of hand polishing your vehicle. The benefit of this product is in the reduction of dust and dirt build-up on your vehicle and allows for a cleaner, lasting shine.


Our auto-valets consist of a touchless wash, polish, chassis cleaning, engine detailing and interior cleaning. We strive to keep your vehicle in showroom condition, utilising several of the best products on the market. This enables us to do a three-stage polish on your vehicle which includes; a cut and polish to remove fine scratches, oxidisation and fall out on the paint work, followed by a machine polish to rejuvenate the lasting shine. Your vehicle is then detailed to ensure all plastic trims, door hinges and lines are free of excess dirt.

As one spends most of their time inside their vehicles, we pride ourselves on our interior valets. We ensure that all interiors are cleaned with SABS approved products that protect the leather, vinyl and plastics in the vehicle. Furthermore, we use an antibacterial product to sanitise all upholsteries and aircon systems.


This product is most sought-after by our customers as it provides an exclusive protection on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. The exterior of the vehicle is prepared by the three-stage polishing procedure and followed by the paint protection wax, ensuring your vehicle’s paint work is protected against the elements of acid rain, oxidisation and industrial fall out. The interior protection includes treatment to all leather and fabric guard (scotch guard) to all upholstery. The 2-in-1 protection comes with a one-year Dyna-Glaze warranty.


Our smash-and-grab films are once again SABS approved films which not only protect you and your loved ones against smash-and-grab introducers, but gives your vehicle an elegant look whilst reducing the UV rays and heat in the vehicle. All our smash-and-grab fitments come with a five-year warranty against bubbling, peeling and fading.


Ceramic coatings are an advanced paint protection product designed to protect the exterior of the vehicle against UV protection, oxidisation, corrosion, stains, surface scratches, acid rain and minor chips.

Ceramic coating once cured has a hardness above 9H which makes it the hardest paint coating on the market today. No other paint coating offers this level of protection, durability and prolonged smoothness.

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