Pupils off to the USA

TWO Pietermaritzburg-born pupils headed to the United States of America last Friday after being selected to study abroad as part of the Kennedy Lugar YES scholarship, financed by the American Field Services (AFS).

The scholarship is fully paid for for academics and was set up to encourage cultural exchange thereby bringing other cultures to America and exposing other groups to American culture.

Ameera Allee, one of the students selected from Pietermaritzburg Girls High School told the Maritzburg Fever a day before departing, that she came across the scholarship after seeing a presentation by a past student in assembly and decided to apply for it after realising that she was a strong candidate for the scholarship.

“I thought that I might be what they were looking for as I am strong in my academics, do karate as a sport and active in the community,” said Allee. Heading overseas for the first time, Allee said that she hoped to study American History and Spanish in particular while there.

“I want to try something different, something that forces me to think differently, to learn more and broaden my horizons and knowledge,” said an eager Allee.

Lusanda Dhlamini from Voortrekker High School said that it was also her first time leaving the country and that she was excited at the prospect of attending the music and science lessons at the high school that she will be attending in America.

“I am super excited and it still hasn’t sunk in that I am heading to California,” beamed Dhlamini before the trip.

Dhlamini said that she looked forward to learning about other cultures, languages, traditions and the overall way of living in America.

“I am hoping to take all that I can including a better understanding of other people,” said Dhlamini. Allee who will be heading to Washington said that she had recently been experiencing a nervy feeling accompanied by butterflies but she was excited for the experience.

“I know that this whole experience is going to be a life changing one. I hope to come back with many stories and good memories to share with my family and friends,” said Allee.