Residents fume over the return of illegal connections

RESIDENTS of Sirkhod Road have been left at a loss after a problem they brought to the attention of Msunduzi Municipality and SAPS has not yet been resolved. TheMaritzburg Fever also covered the story earlier this year.

In plain sight, for everyone to see, are wires running from a nearby informal settlement to a light pole in the nearby grounds, forming an illegal electricity connection.

“We are so tired of seeing this now. Whenever we complain, it is eventually removed but then, as soon as things die down, they [residents of the informal settlement] make the connections again,” said an irate resident.

Residents say that this illegal electric connection is unfair as they are paying residents who now have to subsidise others in these tough economic times. Sylvie Naidoo said that she had been disconnected various times, even though she paid her bill, and had to take matters up with the municipality in order to get reconnected, yet others get it for free.

“It doesn’t make sense. The municipality is so quick to come and disconnect our lights for nothing but won’t find a permanent solution to stop electricity theft,” said Naidoo.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said that when they confronted the people thought to be responsible for the illegal connections they were met with hostility.

“We asked them if they thought it was fair for them to be receiving electricity for free while we paid and they brushed us aside and told us to mind our own business,” said the resident.

In a media release, Eskom said that electricity theft needed to be reported and that any silence on the matter was a go-ahead for the perpetrators.

Msunduzi Municipality spokesperson, Thobeka Mafumbatha did not respond to the matter.