Residents illegal dumping woes continue

RESIDENTS in the northern area of Pietermaritzburg are fed-up with the unsightly state and the foul-smelling stench in their neighbourhood.

Due to an increase in illegal dumping, areas such as Debi Place, Chota Motala Road, Northdale Stadium and Gaysingh Road, to name a few, have become strewn with potentially hazardous garbage.

“We see it happen every week. Even though there are signs saying that people who are caught will be reported and fined, they still carry on because obviously they are not being made to pay for their bad habits and laziness,” said one Northdale resident.

The Msunduzi Municipality recently made the public aware that they had purchased eight new garbage trucks to address matters and issues going forward yet residents say that it remains to be seen whether this will help.

“We have been living in these areas our whole lives and it’s the same story over and over again, where they say they will sort out dumping but never do and the problem remains and even gets worse,” said a woman who lives near Gaysingh Road.

Residents also stated that these dumping hotspots have attracted vagrants, who go through the rubbish, and pests.

The Msunduzi Municipality did not respond to queries.