Road closures cause confusion

MOTORISTS across Pietermaritzburg were left in a confused and irate state on Sunday as the annual Capital Climb took place, blocking certain routes without prior notice, much to the dismay of motorists.

Many motorists complained of not being properly notified about certain road closures, with some stating that it was only when they got to certain points on their trip that they were aware the roads were closed and they were turned away much too late.

Capital Climb organiser Tony Morrison said that he was unaware why motorists were turned away in particular at Old Howick Road because to his knowledge the race did not require such a significant closure.

“This year’s race was, for the first time in decades, held on a Sunday.

“Next year, to keep the motorists in mind, we will definitely look into starting the race earlier and advertise in the form of boards about road closures and race times,” said Morrison.