Robbery victim urges public to be vigilant while shopping

A WOMAN who was a recent victim of crime has appealed to the public to please remain vigilant while shopping after she was robbed in a popular shop in Campsdrift less two weeks ago.

Speaking to the Maritzburg Echo the elderly woman, who wished to remain anonymous due to her identity documents being stolen along with her bag, said that she was alone in a shopping aisle near the television section of the shop when she was approached by two men.

“While shopping, I was bumped by a man. I thought it had been a mistake until another guy came from behind me, hitting me over. Once I fell, they pulled my bag away from me and ran away,” said the pensioner.

The woman said that she screamed but no one heard her due to the loud televisions nearby. By the time she had managed to run to the entrance to search for the men, they had disappeared.

After reporting the incident to the shop, the woman then received two messages on her phone informing her of two withdrawals, totalling R 9000, that had taken place since she was robbed.

“After opening a report at the police station and going to lawyers, I found out that this type of thing happens often and I want to speak out and inform the public,” said the woman.

She said that, through various conversations, she concluded that the same modus operandi had been used in various incidents.

“They know how to operate and they target people who are alone.

“I want to urge the public to take extra precautionary measures so that they don’t fall victim to things like this,” she stressed.