School girls’ market day success

A KEEN eye on what was ‘hip and happening’ in the current market at their school saw young entrepreneurs Jenna Goddard and Ruth Bromley, from Laddsworth Primary School, make a killing at their school’s market day after selling out their unique product called “Squish’em”.

Speaking on behalf of the two girls, Jenna said that they noticed that playing with slime seemed to be the craze in their school and that, after some brainstorming, they settled on a product that incorporated the feeling of playing with slime and thus the idea of a stress ball stuck.

“We took the idea of slime and then developed it further and ended up with stress balls which we decided to call Squish’em’s”, said Jenna, who added that with help from her mother, and the internet, they then got down to business.

Made up of beads that grow in water, play dough, flower, lentils and stress nets, the girls were sold out at their school market day, selling 94 units altogether with the prices ranging from R3 right up to R10.

“It was a very tiring experience as we needed three days to finish up everything but we had lots of fun together, with Ruth staying over at my house for the three days that it took us to finish,” said Jenna.

Goddard said that their market day was a huge success, adding that even some of the grade seven’s who were not able to purchase their product on the day have asked for the “Squish’em’s” to be made on special request.