St Charles College celebrates 143 years

ST Charles College turned 143 years old last Thursday, and on Friday morning the five schools that make up the College came together to celebrate this wonderful occasion.

To start off the birthday festivities, all the boys were addressed by the principal, Mr Allen van Blerk.

He was followed by Mrs Ann Botha, who spoke about the history of St Charles College and also shared some of the many memories she has made over her 34 years at the school.

The Founder’s Day Dash was one of the highlights of the day, as boys from the senior primary, middle school and upper school sprinted down College’s drive.

Garrett Frier, who was the overall winner of the 2018 dash and well done to him.

St Charles College began as an idea in the mind of Bishop Charles Jolivet who was concerned about the number of young boys who roamed the streets of Pietermaritzburg without education and he was determined to do something about it.

From these humble beginnings the College has grown to be where the school is now.

With over 800 boys on the bustling campus, ranging from three to 19 years old, we celebrate an incredible journey spanning 143 years. Happy Birthday St Charles College. — Supplied