Store focuses on community health for Mandela Day

HAYFIELDS KWIKSPAR celebrated the birthday of political icon and struggle stalwart Nelson Mandela last Wednesday by organising a mobile clinic which screened for chronic conditions in both customers and staff.

The staff said that the initiative was motivated by the fact that more and more community members were coming forward to say that they were victims of the silent killer that is diabetes and strokes.

Staff members added that, while this is already a worrying factor, what was worse is that, in the working population, people often find it difficult to visit clinics or doctors to assist in diagnosing issues.

The KWIKSPAR therefore attempted to create a one-stop platform for their shoppers to complete wellness checks while they shopped.

Shoppers, staff and various partners took advantage of this opportunity to check up on their blood pressure, blood sugar, screen for TB as well as checking up on their HIV status.

Along with this, the staff participated in cleaning up the environment around them, dedicating their 67 minutes to ensuring their surroundings were clean.