Time for order to be restored in SA

NOW that U.S. President Donald Trump has asked one of his ministers to get more information on the question of farm murders in South Africa, would one of our members of Parliament please submit a question to the president of South Africa to obtain information as to the num- ber of murders in the past 10 years.

More specifically, the number of murders of police officers, those related to taxis, women by their partners, farm related, hostel related and those politically related (ANC on ANC).

To get a total perspective, it would also be helpful to get details of the total number of road deaths per annum and the total number of murders in South Africa per annum.

I understand that there is a daily average of over 50 murders in South Africa.

How many reported cases of rape are there per annum, not to mention the unreported ones?

How many of the above cases have been solved?

Surely the total picture is bad enough not to be trumpeted about.

Corruption and state capture are bad enough (actually too bad) but it certainly is time that order is restored in South Africa — at all levels.