Van Zyl victorious in PMB race

IRVETTE Van Zyl finished the Spar Women’s 10/5 km Challenge on Sunday in a time of 34 minutes and 26 seconds. ahead of five elite athletes who were disqualified after taking the wrong route.

A total of 4 500 runners participated in the event.

Organisers confirmed that the correct route required runners to run a loop through Mayors Garden, which they did not do.

They added that though a car was not able to go through the narrow pedestrian gate, there was a lead bicycle to take runners through.

“Five runners were disqualified for following the incorrect route.

At the conclusion of the race, objections were lodged, and a jury was convened.

A unanimous decision was made and Irvette van Zyl is recognised for running the correct route, therefor she officially is the winner of the 2018 Maritzburg SPAR 10km race,” stated Race Director, Brad Glasspoole at the media briefing following the announcement.

Van Zyl said after the race that she was very confused over certain incidents in the race and was disappointed that she had not won the race under normal circumstances.


10 km

1. Irvette van Zyl 34:26

2. Jenet Mbhele 34:47

3. Rutendo Nyahora 34:56

4. Portia Ngwenya 35:16

5. Rudo Mhonderwa 35:38

6. Patience Murowe 36:16

7. Nobukhosi Tshuma 36:28

8. Cornelia Joubert 36:37

9. Cherise Sims 36:52

10. Mokulubete Makatisi 36:59

5 km

1. Keira Naidoo 23:15

2. Abigail Leat 23:21

3. Sarah Anders 24:00

4. Nicole Faulha 24:54

5. Hlengiwe Zondo 25:40