Added value with a unique service

KLINICARE Pharmacies have truly gone above and beyond for their clients, adding yet another unique service in Port Elizabeth to their list.

For individuals who take more than one type of medication more than once a day, KliniPac is the ideal way to go.

The service packages clients’ medication individually according to their needs.

And the best thing about it is that you don’t even need to purchase your medication at Klinicare Pharmacies to qualify for this unique service.

At only R149 a month, a client’s medication is packaged and sealed every week for four weeks.

It is a safe and very convenient way to get your medication sorted.

The service is especially ideal for retirement villages where the various residents are often on several different types of medications that are often hard to keep track of.

KlinPac ensure they get the right dosage of the right medication at the right time.

It also makes it quite easy to see when you are about to run out of medicine.

This assists with patient compliance, and a better quality of life for the patient.

Psychiatrists also find that patient compliance to their regime of taking medicines correctly improves dramatically.

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