Children lead the green way

AS part of The Waste Trade Company’s Schools Recycling Project, three local schools were recently rewarded for their contribution to the noble cause.

The core purpose of the project is education. It was created in 2009 and has since grown to accommodate over 300 clients.

The Waste Trade Company (TWTC) consults with schools and provides them with resources to recycle. The recycled items are then collected at no cost and the schools receive a financial rebate for the recyclable material.

Fun, educational activities are available to any schools that form part of the project and schools are encouraged to establish enviro clubs to take ownership of the recycling.

“Every school needs a green ambassador to supervise and drive the project – whether it be a parent, volunteer or teacher – but the learners are ultimately responsible and with a bit of planning and coordination, running a recycling project at school can be very easy and rewarding,” said Emmy Nxayeka, TWTC schools project coordinator.

Schools are rewarded quarterly and receive cash prizes from Mpact Recycling SA for their efforts. The total weight collected by the school is divided by the number of learners that attend. Schools also have to have a collection at least once a month to qualify.

Recently the three top schools were rewarded for their contributions.

In first place was Quest School with 20.12kg of recycling per learner, followed by Kabega Primary in second with 12.82kg of recycling per learner and St Dominic’s Priory in third place with 2.57kg of recycling per learner.

“We are very proud of the efforts by our winning schools,” said Kay Hardy, general manager at The Waste Trade Company.