Enter now for Miss Matric Dance 2018

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THE competition is not open for voting by the public, except for the wild card finalists who will be voted for by the public on Facebook by means of “likes”.

How to enter

To enter, matric girls must send their matric dance photo via e-mail only.

Qualifying entries will be uploaded in our Miss Matric Dance album on the PE Express Facebook page. If your photo does not appear in the album, it means it did not qualify.

Please give at least a day to allow entries to be reviewed and uploaded online.

Here is how to send your e-mail:

  • Send the photo to mmd@media24.com
  • Include PE Express in the subject field
  • Photos must be at least be 1MB in size and in jpg format.

Include the following details in your email:

, Name and surname

, Age

, Address (including suburb)

, Contact number

, School you attend

, Date when the dance took place

Entries without the above information will be disqualified.


, Only matric girls who live in Port Elizabeth may enter.

, The matric dance you attended had to be held at a school in Port Elizabeth. It must be your own matric dance and not that of a partner.

, No selfies, group photos (more than one girl) or photos with your partner are allowed.

, Only e-mail entries will be accepted.

, No photos that are posted on our Facebook timeline will be entered.

, You may only enter once for the duration of the competition and only one photo per entrant will be allowed – choose your photo submission carefully.

Once a photo has been submitted, it cannot be swopped with another photo.

, We need to see the complete look of the entrant, including the dress, hair and, if possible, the shoes and accessories.

, Photos must be high resolution (minimum of 1MB).

, Entries open today, August 8 and the competition ends on October 31 at 11pm.

, Prizes need to be collected from our office in Ivor Benn Close, just off William Moffett.

  • Phone 041 503 6059 for more info or send an email to tanya.vanzyl@media24.com.