It’s time to breathe some life back into your garden

THE idea of spring being just around the corner has most people just about ready to wave goodbye to the miserably cold winter weather that’s been hanging over our heads.

By this time next month, the sunshine will greet you when you leave for work in the morning and tempt your flowers to come out of hiding and you will probably have a spring in your step again.

This also means that it’s nearly time for you to get your hands dirty in preparation for spring.

As always, the Co-op Mica makes things extra easy for their customers by making every item you could possibly need to breathe life back into those neglected gardens available in one place. This includes seeds, gardening tools, fertilisers and everything in between.

This is not necessarily meant to appeal to just seasoned gardeners who get dirt under their fingernails every year.

If, in light of the still severe drought, you just decide you want to do something to spruce up your lawn that’s not going to increase your water usage, then fertiliser is the way to go.

Most fertilisers retain water really well and can keep the lawn (or flower bed) damp for quite some time.

Perhaps you like having flowers in your garden, but you don’t really enjoy planting them. The solution would be to only plant your flowers once, which is where perennials will come to your rescue. They last quite a while and will bloom for you every year without needing much of your attention.

This is also to attract those who might not try their hand at planting flowers this year, but rather have decided to create their own vegetable or herb garden.

This has become quite a popular thing to do, even for people who have never gardened before, for various reasons.

Some consider it fun and relaxing, while others are motivated by the prospect of fewer trips to the grocery store and a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the items the Co-op Mica encourages every budding gardener to get include a Lasher wheelbarrow and Lasher 3pc combi-packs.

The latter consists of basic gardening tools, such as a daisy weeder, a trowel and a garden hand fork. They also supply picks, forks and spades and the best thing is that you get to choose the one that would best suit your needs.

Plants generally only require a little bit of love and effort to thrive and add a lot of colour to your day.

So, embrace the season of new beginnings, get your essential items from the Co-op Mica and put on your trusty gloves.

It’s time to get some dirt on those new tools.

For more advice on creating the perfect garden, visit the Co-op Mica, located in the Willow Road Shopping Centre on the corner of Circular Drive and Willow Road, or contact the sales team on 041 007 0580.