Karen Kemp - A beam of light in the fight against crime

KAREN Kemp gives voice to the saying “changing the world one person at a time”.

Currently acting as the chairperson of the Bethelsdorp Crime Prevention Forum, she has a number of initiatives aimed at assisting individuals within her community.

Kemp can undoubtedly be described as a woman who is burning with an endless passion to not only eradicate violent acts of crime in the northern areas but to also help those who have fallen victim to crime.

“I have always had the need to do good for the community and growing up I always wanted to study towards a path that aligns with helping others,” said Kemp.

She took her first step in ensuring that there would be a difference by establishing a crime sector forum with the members of the community that played the role of a neighbourhood watch.

“The crime sector forum was effective as we observed a decline in the number of robberies that occurred in the community though I could not help but feel that there is still more that I need to do.”

Her need to do more gave rise to the Yethu Safehouse – creating a haven from her own personal home she availed herself to the community offering help to those who have fallen victim to the acts of crime and abuse.

“The safe house isn’t limited to helping those who are victims but it is also a platform for those who often need to offload and seek advice.

“We also assist in redirecting individuals to the correct places that can further help them.”

Kemp admits that indeed there are challenges in her work but her passion and motivation for the well being of others allow her to thrive in her initiatives.

As a woman who believes in making the world a better place she further runs a soup kitchen that operates every Friday and feeds approximately 300 people.

“My goal is to feed the members of the community everyday but because the soup kitchen is supported by a limited number of donations this has not yet been possible.”

The soup kitchen is sustained by Kemp’s recycling drive where she collects glass and plastic which are donated by the members of the community.

Kemp strives for her community with an array of initiatives that are aimed at changing the lives of others and in the process ensures that she will be the voice of awareness against crime.

The Goodwill Grassroots Campaign will see Kemp and the community of Bloemendal taking a stand in creating a safer and peaceful environment, the campaign will convene empowerment sessions and the signing of a pledge by families who are willing to make the area a safer place.

“I know that I may not be able to help everyone in the world but I am at peace knowing that through the efforts that I make there is at least one less person who is in need.”

Her tireless efforts have resulted in Kemp being a beam of light for the community and she still hopes to do more to ensure she reaches the end goal – creating harmony in the northern areas.