Next round of SuperGP champs

ROUND 5 of the SuperGP Championship will kick off at the Aldo Scribante Racetrack on Friday and Saturday, August 24 and 25.

Last year’s champion, Clinton Seller, who just returned from the Suzuka eight-hour race, will take on 2018 championship leader Michael White in the Unlimited Class.

Current 600cc championship leader, Blaze Baker, will fend off the challenge of Adolph Boshoff, who is a close second.

In the 300cc class, current leader, Dino Iozzo, will have to make use of the skills he has gained in the World Superbikes 300cc class this year to fend of the aggressive challenge of Cape Town rider, Kewyn Snyman.

Northern Regionals Championship heats and local AMSC Club Motorcycle Championship heats will also be included in the programme to provide a festival of two-wheel motorsports for young and old to enjoy.

Tickets can be purchased in advance from For more information, go to the Aldo Scribante Facebook page or e-mail