Qualifications for Bethelsdorp caregivers

“WE are serving the people of the community as if they are our own.” This is the motto of the recently qualified home-based caregivers of Bethelsdorp.

A total of 27 home-based caregivers received qualifications on August 30 at their graduation ceremony held in Bethelsdorp.

This was made possible by Quintin Baatjies from the councillor’s office of Ward 37, who saw the need for more caregivers in the community.

“I registered a non-profit organisation and plan to build a care centre to accommodate sick people and to generate an income for the home-based caregivers.

“The training they received will not go unnoticed,” Baatjies said.

The three-month course completed by the newly-qualified home-based caregivers was free of charge.

The graduates entered the hall, each carrying a lighted candle to symbolise that a light will always shine for anyone who needs help.

Among the recent graduates was Florencia Milla, who saluted their teacher, Nonceba Mdaka, known as Sis Nonnie, for her guidance and knowledge she bestowed on them.

“I would not have been standing here today without the selflessness of Baatjies and Sis Nonnie.

“Three months ago I could not imagine myself graduating today.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity, the chance to learn and for making a difference in sick people’s lives,” Milla said.

Mary Simon, one of the older women to receive a qualification, wants to make a difference in her community and to be able to give back the know-ledge she has gained.

“I want to serve the people of the community as if they are my own. My heart goes out to all the elders in my community and my biggest desire is to help them.

“I am so grateful and privileged to receive a qualification at this stage of my life,” Simon said.

It was a proud moment for Sis Nonnie, to see the graduation of her second group of home-based caregivers she trained in the area.

“They are so eager, humble and contented to learn. I teach them to treat everyone with love, dignity and respect. The sick people could have been our parents.

“When you empower people, you empower a nation. That’s my motto in life. The graduates were taught to serve everyone the same way and to grab the opportunities which are open for them,” Sis Nonnie said.

The qualified graduates each received a certificate.

Baatjies said, “I want to thank the graduates for their determination and who made sacrifices to complete the course. I salute you all.”