Metro's water situation worsens

THE Metro’s dams have hit an all-time low, resulting in even tighter water restrictions announced by Executive Mayor Athol Trollip last Wednesday.

The new level 5 restrictions are due to the targets not being met as the combined capacity of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro’s main supply dams dropped below 20% last week. (Turn to page 3 for full details of the new restrictions)

The first water restrictions were imposed in September 2016 when dam levels were at 85%. In May 2017, punitive water restrictions were implemented.

“Nobody in this city who is a recipient of Assistance to the Poor, who receives or uses their daily allowances as a registered water buyer, has been punished for their normal daily use,” Trollip said at the media briefing.

He urged all residents to use 50 litres of water per person per day, in order to avoid further restrictions being implemented.

“No one is being punished for using normal, acceptable levels of water. It’s only those who use excessive amounts of water. There are, unfortunately, people in this city that either don’t care or don’t know how much water they use. There will be a consequence for that.”

According to Trollip, the Metro is facing an extremely critical time with the Kouga Dam currently at 7%. The limited extraction at Loerie Dam is causing the area of KwaNobuhle and Uitenhage at a real risk of running out of water in the near future.

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