Youth organisation to host Women’s Day celebration

THE Singababhali Youth Organisation focuses on the empowerment of the youth through literary work.

Chwayita Hloloza founded the organisation upon completing her self-published book, titled Expressions, which is a culmination of her written poetry.

Singababhali Youth Organisation have vast initiatives that improve on the growth of children’s rights and responsibilities.

These initiatives include classes that motivate the creative minds of the children, who are from the ages of eight to 15 years old, as well as basic counselling for them.

“In a case where we see that a child needs professional help because of the problems that they face, we get further assistance from the Dora Nginza Hospital,” said Hloloza.

The organisation will be hosting their annual Women’s Day event this Saturday, August 11 where the book, Expressions, will be officially launched and the organisation will further crown their “Woman of the Year”, the title is given to the individual who has contributed to giving back to the community.

“With all the different kinds of poems in my book I have carefully selected the poem titled We Are Women, which talks about overcoming the trials and tribulations we face as women,” continued Chwayita

The event will take place at Socenywa Street in New Brighton from 12:00 to 16:00 and will also be inclusive of live performances from artists such as Akhona Gcasamba, Cue Code and Daludushe.