Artist dreams big

“My life experiences are my inspiration,” says Timothy de Monk from Pinelands.

The 20-year-old artist shares details about his new single, “No Stress Moment”.

De Monk is determined to make a success out of his music as he is currently giving it his full attention.

“My music is my source of income; I am focusing only on [music] and am currently busy with the new song’s music video.”

He says the song is available online and anyone who has experienced stress and heartbreak would relate to it.

De Monk wrote the song during a time of difficulty in his life. “I was experiencing stress, there was a lot happening in my life and I needed a way to express myself.

“I was trying to make things work on my own, having issues with my social life, things were not working out with my girlfriend and friends, meanwhile I had a dream I wanted to achieve – producing good music.

“It was a lot of pressure to deal with and I let it out through this song.”

He says many people are going through challenges and do not know they can use those to their advantage and change their situation.

De Monk discovered his love for music when he was in Grade 9 but did not believe he was capable of singing for crowds.

However, he says from that moment, there was no turning back for him and in 2015 when he was in Grade 11 he decided to take it seriously.

He released his debut single followed by two others and “No Stress Moment” is the third one.

He says it was amazing to receive such a warm welcome in the industry and have people supporting him.

“I am now playing in two prominent hotels in the Waterfront and Camps Bay. I have bookings almost flying in. My music is doing very well and it is all because of the support of my fans and local radio stations.”

Music is now De Monk’s only source of income.

Currently De Monk says he does not want to limit himself by identifying his music with a specific genre but wants to rather let his fans digest it in whatever way they prefer and give them the freedom to identify the message that best relates to them.

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