Blame the adults

As a resident of the mentioned Steurhof Village, I agree with Alexis Serra (“Adults behaving badly” People’s Post, 21 August). Steurhof has become a crime-riddled, drug-infested little haven for criminals who blatantly conduct their activities right under the noses of these committee members – in fact, almost on the doorstep of the village hall, where committee members conduct their “chaos meetings” and the children in this village walk around in gangs.

When reprimanded they hurl abuse and profanity at anyone brave enough to confront them.

We now stay indoors and keep to ourselves and don’t get involved in the community activities or meetings, just to avoid victimisation and vandalism.

It is a sad thing to see children as young as five or six years old walking down the road shouting profanities at the top of their lungs – “just ’cause he can” was his answer when asked why he was doing it.

I blame this on “adults behaving badly” in our once quaint community.

Anon Steurhof Village