Budget to fence Hughenden

Budget has been allocated to repair the broken fencing at Hughenden Estate in Hout Bay.

Roberto Quintas, councillor for ward 74, says the fence has been in a state of disrepair for more than a year.

“Sadly, despite driving this issue on behalf of the affected residents, we have had to wait for budget to become available in order to repair and improve the fencing.

“We have been awaiting confirmation in terms of budget, which I now have, and repairs and improvements will be implemented soon.”

He says complaints about this fencing were only brought to his attention last year and there was no budget for it.

He says complaints included reports about criminals allegedly taking advantage damaged fencing at the estate to prey upon and attack residents in the upmarket suburb.

Quintas says it is hoped the fencing will bring relief to the situation, together with continued vigilance and involvement in local security organisations.

He says this would be able to mitigate some of the criminal activities taking place, as would residents considering the installation of street lighting which could act as a deterrent and enable the CCTV cameras to capture footage of these criminal acts and possibly lead to arrests.