‘Concerning’ Tenby cottages leased

The two cottages on Tenby Street have been leased. This has been confirmed by Mayco member for assets and facilities, Stuart Diamond.

However, even though there are individuals living in units 8 and 10, Diamond maintains that these cottages are being leased to a non-governmental organisation.

“One lessee occupies both units, 8 and 10 Tenby Street, Wynberg,” he says.

These cottages have been leased on a contract of three years from February 2016 to 31 January 2019.

Diamond says the authority rests with the director of property management to approve the cancellation of the lease and a notice will be served on the lessee to vacate both units within two months.

He explains: “In terms of rental, R953 000 per annum as per Council’s approved tariff for NGOs and NPOs delivering a community service. Service charges fluctuate on a monthly basis.”

As previous reports stated (“Controversy over cottages grows,” People’s Post, 24 July) Diamond also confirms that the lessee did not adhere to the agreed purpose of the lease and an illegal substance was found on site.

He says there is sufficient evidence to terminate the lease with this lessee.

Controversy over these cottages started with complaints about suspicious-looking criminal elements and negligent parking in front of the premises about a month ago.

At first, Diamond denied the allegations (“Fears over cottages,” People’s Post, 19 June).

Wynberg police and residents and the Wynberg Residents’ and Ratepayers’ Association confirmed the reported irregularities­.