CPF celebrates amazing women

For a moment, the Wynberg Community Policing Forum (CPF) shifted their focus from crime and spoiled their “amazing women” at a Woman’s Month celebration event held at the Wynberg Police Station hall on Wednesday 15 August.

The event had the theme “Women are Awesome”.

About 80 women of all ages from different communities, including Constantia, Travoto Estate and Kenilworth, attended the event.

They were treated to lunch and small treats as they listened to various guest speakers.

Speakers put emphasis on women empowerment and standing together against gender-based violence.

Saligh Kippie, the project coordinator for the CPF, cheered everyone in attendance, reminding them of their worth in the community­.

He says as the CPF they believe that women play a vital part and role in their community and sacrifice their sleep and family time, going beyond the call of duty, and they deserve to be appreciated.

Guest speaker Nuraan Osman, the director at Ihata Shelter for Abused Women and Children, says it was humbling for her to address women and get to share the sensitive but important topic with them.

She says events like these are important to remind women of their strengths.

“I believe if women could build a system whereby they support each other we could beat gender-based violence.”

She says women should stop allowing the norms of society to define them.

“You can do anything if you believe in yourself. Anything is possible – you just need to take a step forward.”

Wynberg resident Fawzia Gydien enjoyed the event as she says it was uplifting and well organised. She says hearing about different life experiences of women gave hope to many.

Gydien says these kinds of events are vital, especially for young women who need inspiration to keep going.

“Our children can also learn from these events and pick things they would like to take with in life to use in future.”

Ward councillor Montgomery Oliver attended the event to give moral support and assure the women that men are appreciative of their role in society.

He says: “It was a highly successful event, with very appropriate topics delivered by two ladies who spoke from experience in their fields.

“The one was a recovering alcoholic and the other a human rights activist.

“We have to strive to provide more jobs and economic opportunities for our women. I would like our women to join me on a crusade to sweep away the assumptions and bias of the past so they can take their rightful place in society.”