V Ottery: Grassy Park police are looking for two people wanted for questioning in connection with a business robbery and attempted murder in the area. The robbery took place on Monday 29 January in Doreen Road in Ottery. Police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Wynita Kleinsmith, says two men in a white taxi stole a women’s gold-coloured Samsung J7 cellphone before driving off in the taxi. Call Detective Sergeant Sicelo Bongashe on 021 700 3908 or 083 392 0673 with any information that will lead to the arrest of the suspects.

V Grassy Park: In operations conducted in the precinct last week, fines totalling almost R37 000 were issued at roadblocks and several people were arrested for drug-related crimes. Crime hotspots were targeted. Several drug dens and people were searched in Lotus River, Parkwood, New Horizon and Ottery and the broader Grassy Park area. A man, and two women aged 43 and 51, were arrested for dealing in drugs or alternatively possession of drugs during a search of premises in Ibis Road, Parkwood. Police searched the residence on a search warrant and found 200 Mandrax tablets, with an estimated value of R8000, hidden under the kitchen table. A 29-year-old woman was arrested after half a Mandrax tablet was found on her during a search in Blackbird Avenue, Parkwood. A 25-year-old man was arrested in Keith Road in Ottery for dealing in and possession of dagga after information was received of the suspect selling dagga from the premises. During the search, 91 bankies and 11 packets of dagga and 56 glass tubes were found, with an estimated value of R7000, along with an undisclosed amount of cash. Several cars were stopped and fines to the value of R36 900 issued in two roadblocks. Two compliance inspections were done at secondhand dealers. Call the police on 021 700 3940 or Crime Stop on 0860 010 111.