V Woodstock: Operation Squeeze resulted in a number of arrests for various serious and less serious crimes. During the operation in the past week, operational support personnel arrested seven suspects for possession of drugs, possession of a car-breaking item, possession of stolen property, possession of a dangerous weapon, assault and driving under the influence of alcohol. Police officers’ main focus was on blocks 1364, 1363 and 1365. No crimes were reported in these blocks during the operational deployment of the members, says Woodstock police spokesperson Sergeant Hilton Malila. The station commander, Colonel Dumezweni Ntsezo, stopped a vehicle in Durham Avenue and arrested a motorist for driving under the influence. The team was praised for their dedication.

V Woodstock: Police arrested seven suspects for crimes related to dealing in drugs, possession of dagga, possession of dangerous weapons and car breaking implements and robbery this past week. The operation was complimented by community crime fighters including neighbourhood watches of Salt River, upper and lower Woodstock and street committees. “Jointly we ensured that the streets once again belong to the community and all property was safe throughout the night,” says spokesperson, Sergeant Hilton Malila. Hot spot areas like Wright Street, Bromwell Street, Pine Road and Mascani were frequently visited and illegal activities disrupted. The success also forms part of the local police’s 10-day joint community safety structures operational approach to make the area safer, under the leadership and guidance of station commander, Colonel Dumezweni Ntsezo. “With the steep petrol increases whilst our watches and street committees come and patrol with their own vehicles, I want to thank the roles our partners and community safety structures are playing during Operation Squeeze, as we have one common goal to ensure safety and security of all residents and visitors of Woodstock,” says Ntsezo.