Don’t ‘steal’ kelp from beach

In your page 7 article on kelp (“Andrew turns kelp into dolphin art”, People’s Post, 31 July) you do not mention what a vital role kelp plays in the environment, you did not mention that this man has to have a licence to “steal” it from the beach.

Have you not noticed that it is left on the beach for a reason?

You should follow up with a description of foraging. Of course a licence is essential for that as well.

Angela Botha Fish Hoek

Eddie Andrews, Mayco member (South) responds: “The harvesting of kelp is regulated in terms of the Marine Living Resources Act (18 of 1998). A permit is required for the removal of kelp for commercial purposes in terms of this act and is issued by the National Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. It is therefore illegal to remove kelp for commercial purposes without the said permit.

“Kelp provides a range of benefits to the city’s beaches. These include trapping wind-blown sand and the subsequent reduction of sand being blown onto coastal infrastructure. This trapped beach sand also elevates beach levels which also limits coastal erosion. It is for these reasons that we try and leave as much kelp as possible on our beaches.”