Double joy for new moms

New moms at Mowbray Maternity Hospital received double gifts for Women’s Month as they will be taking their new bundles of joy and gifts home upon discharge.

As part of celebrating Women’ Month, the mothers received gifts of appreciation from Nantes Athletics Club in Bridgetown on Wednesday 29 August.

The initiative was organised and led by male members with the idea of encouraging women to continue doing a good job of nurturing future leaders.

Amorett Truebody, the beginners’ coach at the club, says August marks the celebration of the role played by women in the past and recognises the role they play in the community­.

He says they chose the hospital because it serves women within the borders of their club and they also appreciate the role played by the hospital in the community.

He says they understand that some women could not afford the necessities included in the packs.

Each gift pack comprised soap, baby oil, lotions, powder, toothbrush, toothpaste, baby wipes and maternity sanitary pads for the patients, as well as nappies, a facecloth, receiving blanket and beanie for the baby, along with petroleum jelly, a brush, comb, hand-wash, shampoo and conditioner, and a greeting card.

Truebody says although the initiative was run through a steering committee of four men, they received support from most of their members and are grateful to everyone who made it possible.

Ivy Moyo says the gifts came as a surprise and meant a lot to her. She says she would be able to save money.

Another happy mom, Yolanda Bosman, says the gift will add to her good memories of giving birth to her son and walking out of hospital with more than just a baby. She says Nantes made the moment special for her and wishes the same for other mothers.

The hospital’s acting CEO, James Williams, welcomed the donation. He says it is not every day that new moms get spoilt and they appreciate it every time an organisation offers to help. He says the hospital delivers an average of 25 babies per day.

Williams says the gifts complement the good service new moms receive at the hospital­. V For more information on how to donate towards the hospital, call Alison Pekeur on 072 658 4393.