Fetched balls, now a star

“I got tired of fetching balls for my sister the whole time and I wanted to show her I can also play well,” says Kronendal Primary learner, Molly-Rose O’Brien, about her humble beginnings with netball.

She was recently selected for the u.12 Western Province netball team along with eight other girls.

Molly-Rose plays as a shooter and says she works hard for her achievements. She says it took a lot of sacrifice, not just from her, but also her family and coach at school.

As a young girl Molly-Rose would run around fetching balls for her sister who also over the years earned a spot in the provincial netball team.

“My love for netball started in Grade 1 with my sister as she was also a WP player. My mother also played provincial netball. I have played shooter for most of the time and prepare myself by shooting every day. I will set goals like shooting 300 goals a day. I try to keep fit and I watch older players to get tips. I take netball seriously because it is a passion and it can open doors for me and I can set even higher goals.”

Molly-Rose says this is a dream come true for her as she hopes to gain more from the experience in the WP team. She says young people involved in sport must keep in mind that it is important to train hard and keep a balance with their schoolwork.

Lea Pearse, a teacher at Kronendal Primary, says: “Her coach and teachers are very proud of Molly-Rose’s achievement and we wish her all the best for her future.”

Pearse says the school starts training girls in netball from Grade 1 and in Grade 2 they take part in mini tournaments with other schools in the district.

In senior primary, girls train twice a week and also play matches during netball season.