Tom Ro Haven is currently working with more organisations in the Deep South, Ocean View, Kommetjie and Masiphumelele. The boys from The Homestead still attend, although most of them are new as the older boys have moved on successfully.

“We also teach the people about horse management, general animal care, conservation and respect for the environment. We help everyone with clothing, college fees, school fees and materials for school and college and help them to secure employment after finishing their studies,” McCulloch says.

She still has obstacles to overcome and funding is the main concern.

“We are in negotiations with the provincial government for land in Glencairn. Regardless of whether we stay or move we need assistance with materials to build more shelters, repair fences and maintain the property. We cannot afford to pay a groom so all maintenance, cleaning and feeding is done by myself and Stephanie and sometimes other people assist. We do however need to move as we cannot continue the work on the current property. We receive about R2000 per month on a regular basis and we are very grateful for this, but we also need donations of teff and oat hay, bran and feed and supplements­.”

V Call Gillian on 073 815 1752 if you can assist.