Giving hope through care

Reintegrating and caring for the destitute, vulnerable and homeless is one of the key mandates of the Local Network of Care (LNOC).

The network met along with their member organisations at the Town Centre on Thursday to relay feedback, discuss upcoming events and hear presentations from stakeholders and affiliates to the organisation.

Some of the matters arising included safety parents, drug rehabilitation and abuse, and the two events planned by the network in coming months.

The organisation runs a successful street people project.

“We have managed to run the street people project with very limited resources. We did not really get funding, only what we had put in. We had a meeting with officials who will now be re-looking at our challenges and seeing how they can assist us,” said Carol Mentoor, chairperson of LNOC.

For their upcoming event, they plan to first do a walkabout in the Town Centre to note the number and conditions of the street people living there.

“We will be guided by the Department of Social Development so that we have everything in order before the event. This will be beauty, but beauty with a purpose. We want to run events that make a change and difference. We must do something because these are our families living there. It is our mothers, brothers, sisters and uncles living on the streets,” she said.

She implored the member organisations to come on board to assist in making the events successful.

In attendance were representatives of organisations such as Matrix, the YMCA and Mitchell’s Plain Victim Support Unit among others.

The organisation was established in 2004.

“We launched the organisation as an arm of the City of Cape Town at the Westridge Library. The main aim is to get street people back into the community and with their families,” says deputy chairperson, Maude Nelson, one of the original members of the organisation.

Zelda Johnson, founder of the Purpose-Driven Youth Community Project, hopes to join the network.

Having been on the streets herself, she shared her story with the members.

“I was on the streets for seven years before I got saved. I have now started my own organisation and will join the network,” Johnson told People’s Post.

The organisation meets monthly and along with Mentoor and Nelson, the executive includes Lenda Theunissen as secretary, Johnathan Jonkers as events and programme officer and Berenice Roman as assistant secretary,

Maggie Villet, Jamiela Absolon, Priscilla Keet, Geri Alexander, Thereasa Fortuin and Lydia Veldtsman have been co-opted to the executive.