Golden girls en route to Pta

A group of gymnasts from Wavecrest Gymnastics Club in Lavender Hill have qualified to take part in the South African National Gym Games in October.

According to coach Briggita Jaffar, the group won gold at the provincial championships which were held in Wynberg on Sunday 2 September.

The Mitchell’s Plain-based club hosts children from the area as well as children who used to train with her during her time in Lavender Hill.

“They qualified as a group and received gold. As a coach it is an honour to see the kids progress every year. Every year they do a bit better and this year for them to get gold is phenomenal. We are looking forward to seeing them grow more in time to come,” Jaffar says.

She hopes the achievement will continue to attract more gymnasts, because she has big dreams for the club.

“We’ve got a lot of big plans ahead in the new year with these gymnasts, so we are all looking forward to the new year as well. It’s even more heart-warming knowing that I make a positive impact on these little lives, having kids come from Lavender Hill to Rocklands. With that said, we want to thank those parents for their commitment and dedication and entrusting their kids with me,” she adds.

However, with the national championships around the corner, there is not much time left to raise the funds required to get the group to Pretoria, let alone time to prepare and train.

“With the group progressing to Nationals a lot of costs will be incurred. We [appeal to] the community if they have any donations to assist them to take them to Pretoria to compete in the national championships.

“They have been selling stuff at school. At the moment there are no mechanisms in place to aid [them]. So with me starting there so late or close to the time of the event we could not raise any funds.”