Help at Home improves premises

A visit to Rosedon House in Rondebosch East could easily warm one’s heart. This was the feeling embraced on People’s Post’s arrival at the home to 56 cerebral palsy (CP) residents, last week.

Despite being physically challenged, both young and old residents remain spirited and excited when receiving visitors.

The organisation, established in 1990, caters to adults with CP who are no longer able to live independently or with their families, with the aim of providing them with supervised residential accommodation, with each resident having their own room.

The beautiful enclosed home might come across as sorted and fully funded from the outside, but according to management, they face financial challenges.

Although Rosedon House is funded by the government, Mary Deeling, a manager, says support from the public is always needed.

“We have hopes of making the home much more suitable for these frail residents. We would like to improve the premises, especially the garden area in our yard. The yard grounds are not secure and smooth enough for residents to move around on with their wheelchairs,” explains Deeling.

“We would like to make the pathway better for them, and we would appreciate it if someone generous is willing to donate towards paving the area.

“We are currently only funded by the government and our expenses to feed these residents come to almost R7000 a month. Funding, however, is always a challenge for us, and we are always in need of support for various items needed for the residents.”

Deeling says some don’t have family support and some have no family at all.

“It is quite difficult for them, and especially to have them live here. Most of them are also now older ... which means we need more staff now to see to them,” she says.

“We have paid staff, who work night and day shifts, but also have a volunteer programme where people come to assist at the home. This programme would however go through a process to see if they (volunteers) are suitable to work with the residents, for safety purposes.”

While some residents go out to work daily, others are provided with several programmes, from as early as 08:00.

“We have groups coming into the home daily to do activities which include dancing, singing and arts. We do not have any gardening programmes though, and would love an organisation to assist with this one; it would be great for the elderly residents.

“Any programmes are welcome to make their stay even more exciting. The public is welcome to see what we do here for the sake of these CP residents,” adds Deeling.

Ward councillor Mark Kleinschmidt calls on the public to assist where needed.

Kleinschmidt and his team surprised residents with much-needed toiletries last week.

“Some of the residents rely on social grants and don’t always have extra money to buy their own toiletries. A large proportion of their social grants go towards their stay at this home, and that is why it is important for the public to assist the home.”

“I have an ongoing relationship with Rosedon House and come here with all calendar events to make them feel good. I even preach here on Easter Sundays, just to spend more time with them. With this I have noticed that the residents, despite being disabled, are very talented.

“I would request the public’s assistance in providing a sound system to the home. The residents love to sing and dance, and love karaoke. They only have a piano, where a pianist comes in to play for them daily.”

Kleinschmidt plans to take the music loving residents on an exciting trip.

“We have an Athlone’s Got Talent event coming up soon and I plan to invite them to the show too, as they are talented and have beautiful voices. They love to sing and interact with people and they are very spirited.” Some of the residents will take part, he adds.V For more information, call Rosedon House on 021 696 2042.