Lawless cyclists

Can somebody please help me?

I need to understand what transforms supposedly “normal” humans, both male and female, irrespective of age, into idiotic, brainless, simpletons when they get on to a bicycle?

Oh, and before you start throwing your toys out of your cot, I have probably cycled a lot more than many of you!

When they get on the road, these “cyclists” think they have been given the right to break any traffic law they wish. Traffic lights? Nah, ignore! Stop streets? Nah, ignore! Ride two, three or four abreast? Why not?

Many of these cyclists, I presume, drive a vehicle for which they have received a licence after passing the required examinations. Why is it then that once they are on a bicycle, traffic laws become irrelevant to them? Try and say something to them and they abuse you, threaten you and become violent.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, the motorist of course will be blamed.

Obviously, not every cyclist qualifies for the above, but the ones who do, know who they are!

If you are a cyclist and you are reading this, I ask you please, please, please, look at yourself in the mirror and have a good, honest think about how you conduct yourself on the road.

I, for one, and I am sure, many others, would appreciate the change in your attitude.

Iggy Fish Hoek