Library celebrates 35 years of reading

There was a jubilant mood in the Kensington Library last week as local residents celebrated the library’s 35th birthday.

Management invited community leaders and members to be part of the milestone on Friday 24 August.

Friends of Kensington Library, an independent organisation that provides activities to the public in conjunction with the library, organised the event.

Elderly patrons enjoyed snacks and tea.

Senior librarian, Wilhelm Cronjé, says that with the help of Friends of the Library, management of the library is able to extend its services to members of the community.

Cronjé says the library is important to the local community, where literacy levels are low. Through various literacy programmes including reading activities, the library helps children develop their reading skills at a young age.

A representative from the local office of the Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (Shawco) was present at the event.

“The best part (about the library) is when grandparents bring their grandchildren to get books,” says Cronjé.

The planned entertainment by local learners could not take place due to the closure of schools due to protests.

“If the community is marching against gangsterism, that benefits the library.

“The library does not operate in isolation. Whatever positive thing the community is doing, it impacts positively on the library,” says City of Cape Town’s Andile Wotshela.