Matric ball dream come true

Being at a child and youth residential home is not a sad story for all. Kay (not her real name) found love and siblings she never had before at St George’s Home for Girls.

She continues to dream big and knows everything is possible.

Having the matric dance of her dreams on Wednesday 8 August is evidence that dreams can come true despite one’s circumstances­.

She is the only girl in matric at the home and she says she is privileged to have received “the best” celebration of her hard work.

Her matric dance was made possible by Math and Me, which sponsored everything she needed and made sure she had a night to remember.

She looked stunning in her outfit and make-up, and had elegant transport to match.

Explaining the excitement she felt, she compares it to the feeling one gets when getting married.

She says: “I am so grateful. I feel honoured and privileged to have the opportunity. It is important to me because it is a celebration of making it to matric and a highlight of my high school career.”

She met the Math and Me team at the start of the year when they helped her with mathematics after the home formed a partnership with the organisation and ran their first successful drive.

“They generously offered to help me with my matric ball and the past month and a half has been a wild ride. They made my dream a reality and I’m very thankful to them for doing this for me.”

Kay is looking forward to working hard and passing her matric so she can study Civil Law part time while exploring the field of work.

She is inspired by her social worker who despite being a mother of two and a student is “a person 38 young girls can turn to whenever they need anything. The fact that she is beautiful and modest is just a bonus”.

Jamie-Lee Julies of Math and Me says they partnered with St George’s Home to help the girls in achieving their academic goals.

“Seeing as Kay was the only matriculant [at the home], we felt the need to help her make one of the most exciting nights experienced in one’s final year of high school just a little bit easier and stress free. The thought of assisting her with making her night as magical as she deserves it to be was encouragement enough. Her willingness to allow us to be a part of her special night and her enthusiasm when it came to planning and preparation reassured us of how truly deserving and exceptional she was.”

Julies says her organisation aims to encourage young women in the community to not let their circumstances define their future­.

Graeme Cairns, director at the home, commended Math and Me for the good work they did for Kay. He says the home supports girls in all aspects of their childhood life, and educational programmes come in handy for them.

They look after 38 girls between the ages of three and 18.