Parkwood youth playing their tune to Villiersdorp

A group of 40 youths affiliated to Curshwon Music will be performing on Saturday 8 September at 17:00 at Grassy Park Civic Centre to raise funds for a youth camp they aim to attend in Villiersdorp in October.

“This year’s camp theme is ‘Keep Your Dream’. We have set out a number of activities and sessions for the weekend of the camp. These activities and sessions include topics such as identity, self-awareness, communication, arts and goals. We also include a spiritual component to the training,” says Curshwon Linnett, organiser and head of the Curshwon Music youth group.

Those attending the camp will receive various materials, tool packs, meals and snacks.

“We recognise not all youth have the same interests and therefore the camp will be different to many others done before. We aim to take advantage of the current social media mediums and platforms during the camp,” adds Linnett.

He hopes the youth group will become more self-aware and empowered and take action.

One of the youth leaders at Curshwon Music, Chanté Gelderbloem, says the group has grown in leaps and bounds.

“They have gained confidence, they stand out in their own way and somehow they have developed in such a way that they feel comfortable in terms of their talents. They will share with us. They will sing now. They sing more and dance more. We have come to learn from one another,” she says.

She adds that the group has faced tremendous challenges during the year, especially when they lost the use of their base, the Parkwood Community Centre, which was destroyed in the ongoing protests in the area. Gelderbloem says the group now meets at the home of one of the other leaders.

Linnett, from Steenberg, teaches music and says the music evening will be a diverse one with dancing, instrumental solos and bands, spoken word and rap. Some of Cape Town’s well-known local gospel artists will be in attendance such as Michael Chiduben and Eugene Williams in collaboration with Curshwon Music.

“With the violence and ongoing matters arising in the area it is vital indeed that we continue with our programmes. The youth are hurting and have been let down over and over again. Sustainability is important – as we have seen, programmes have come and gone. The follow-up and constant connecting with the youth is indeed vital. Music is so powerful in itself – in all times and at all times it is there, whether you are happy or sad, angry or motivated. I never thought that I would do music as a career, but the art of it always leaves me without words.”

Gelderbloem urges residents to support the event which she feels will go a long way in touching the lives of young people in the area. “It will be an amazing afternoon where the youth will put forth their talents. Many people will join hands with them to help them raise the money in order for us to go on the camp.”

Tickets to Saturday’s event cost R50.V For more information or tickets call Curshwon Linnett on 082 819 4900 or Breyton Arendse on 063 303 2598.