Police continue the fight

A wreath of artificial flowers hung over a wooden cross is a subtle reminder of the need for interventions that see guns, drugs and wanted suspects off the streets.

With their mandate and continued efforts to clamp down on crime in the precinct, Mitchell’s Plain police hosted an integrated operation with Law Enforcement, Metro Police and police officers from Operation Thunder and other stations­.

The officers started at 04:00 executing search warrants at suspected drug houses followed by tracing operations that seek to track wanted suspects.

The operation focussed on Tafelsig, Rocklands, Eastridge and Beacon Valley.

“The operations were focused on the clamping down on gang violence and drugs in the areas of Beacon Valley and Eastridge. The execution of search warrants, tracing of wanted suspects, high density patrols and visible policing, as well as stop and search operations formed part of their efforts,” says Captain Ian Williams, police spokesperson.

Some of the successes reported included sixteen(16) search warrants that were executed at addresses in Beacon Valley and Eastridge.

Police officers also searched 56 persons during the course of the operation­.

Further, 13 warrants of arrest were executed in the tracing of wanted persons in Beacon Valley and Eastridge­.

No serious crimes were reported during the period of the operation due to the high viisbility and blue light patrols in times executed in convoy by the officers.

Residents were noticeably curious as the vans blockaded the streets but comented they were glad to see the police in the area.

V If you have any information on crime, call CrimeStop on 08600 10111.