Residents block Voortrekker Road in protest

A large group Kensington and Factreton residents have blocked the busy Voortrekker Road since the early hours of this morning, in protest against gang-related shootings.

Police at the scene report that the placard-waving residents barricaded the road with rocks.

Although peaceful, the protest action has caused serious traffic disruptions.

The action comes on the heels of several shootings, some fatal.

Just last week, on Tuesday 21 August, multiple shooting incidents were reported, reportedly between rival gangs in the two suburbs.

Police were reportedly investigating five different crime scenes.

In one incident two unidentified men shot dead in Ventura and Lysander streets respectively, another man was injured in Drommedaris and a 14-year-old girl was caught in crossfire in Lugmag Street.

Police arrested a suspect and seized two firearms.

According to police reports, a petrol station in 5th Avenue became the scene of a gruesome murder and two attempted murders on Tuesday 14 August at 19:25.

In another incident, two men, one aged 35 and another 42, were fatally wounded and a 32-year-old injured when an unidentified vehicle drove past a garage and opened fire at the three victims.

The shooting was directed at a known drug dealer who was being assisted by the deceased and the injured men to tow his vehicle from the garage, say police. 

This spurred local residents to intensify their action this morning.