Rockery to mark 100 years

The Cape of Good Hope Rotary Club’s Centenary Project is to develop a rockery on the sloping ground between the highway and Simon’s Town Road in commemoration of Fish Hoek’s centenary and also to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

“As Rotarians we are always on the lookout for a project which will be beneficial to the community in some way. I live across the road from the area where we would like to put the rockery and have seen the road’s deterioration,” says Jean Smythe from the Rotarians.

Locals can help by donating one rock and one succulent or indigenous plant.

“Recently the City of Cape Town laid cables along the top area of the site. Naturally there was a lot of rubble (stones) which was unearthed and they ‘sort of’ raked the area to get the contour back to what it was prior to the excavation. When the rains came, there was a lot of run-off and erosion. Nothing is growing on this area, but the surrounding area which was not disturbed has some wild grass and many weeds,” she says.

She says in her area a number of people have made gardens on islands and “public” areas and she thought it would be wonderful to turn the eyesore into something beautiful. “Originally, my idea was that as Madiba and Fish Hoek turned 100 this year, I would call it the ‘100 rock garden’, and if I asked the public to bring one rock and one plant each, we would get at least 100 rocks. However, the area is so big that it will require many more than 100 rocks!” Smythe says.

Essentially it will be called the Centenary Rockery, both in memory of Madiba and to celebrate Fish Hoek’s centenary and hopefully it will be there for all time to come. “Any type of rock and all sizes will be welcomed. We have just been notified by the Council that they have no funds available for any verges and this is really sad news, as we were hoping to create this rockery before the end of September and the end of our winter rainy season. It also means that the costs of creating this rockery will escalate and we will have to try to fundraise in order to get this done. Time is of the essence and is not on our side. I would like to appeal to local businesses and residents for donations – however small, all would be most welcome and greatly appreciated,” she says.

Sponsors for topsoil, compost, fertiliser and mulch, and advice, would help.

“Come on, Fish Hoek residents, this is your chance to put your stamp on beautifying our wonderful town – one small rock for man, one beautiful rockery for Fish Hoek!” Smythe chuckles.

You can contact her to arrange when to deliver the rock(s) and plant(s). Rocks around the size of a football or bigger will be gratefully received. The Rotarians will collect rocks if you are unable to deliver.

Plants that are needed for the rockery are lavender, red hot pokers, carpobroatis, “vygies”, pelargoniums, felicias, gazanias, daisies, aloes, March lilies and agapanthus­.

V Contact Jean on 021 782 1469 or 084 646 0095.