Safety boost for community, local clinic

The joining together of three subforums to see a reduction in crime has now also benefited the Tafelsig Clinic.

With the need for intervention on various levels and as a means to link up the clinic with the safety volunteers based at the Thusong Centre, ward 82 councillor Sheval Arendse donated a radio to the clinic that feeds into the subforum’s frequency­.

“The volunteers were based right opposite and they were not aware. Sometimes they are not able to get a police escort for the ambulances and here the volunteers can assist them,” says Arendse.

Charmain Marhota, Subforum West chairperson, says they will also assist if there are any incidents at the clinic.

Arendse says the staff were given basic radio training and are linked to both the police and the subforum volunteers.

Shereen Hendricks, Tafelsig East Subforum chairperson, says they are stationed 24/7, ready to assist. She adds that communication has greatly improved as they are stationed at schools as well.

The joining together was initiated by Arendse after a lack of communication from the East Subforum on their needs as a volunteer body.

The donation of radios was part of the safety and security budget of the ward.

Volunteers also received radios to assist them in communicating with one another and the police should they need assistance­.