Stop over-burdening voters

I want to voice my opinion on the current levy debate.

1. Electricity bill last month – extra – described as “home user charge”, R130.44

2. Water bill this month – extra – described as “fixed basic charge”, 20mm R100 (by the way my water supply is via a 15mm pipe).

3. Rates up by R71.

Plus 15% vat on the above R45.20

So I must fork out an extra R346.65 a month. For what? I’m not receiving anything extra. The City’s revenue intake has been reduced because people are using less water and electricity so they have to make up the shortfall in any disguise. I think this city is over-staffed, hence a huge salary bill. I can see why so many readers are becoming more and more disgruntled. The City’s ruling party needs to take note and not assume they are immune to being voted out because when you start over-burdening your electorate financially, you start to resemble our national government, for whom resentment is growing rapidly.

Ian N Email